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DR and High Frequency

Toshiba Flat Panel / Tubes, Claymount AEC, Claymount Collimator, Claymount Bucky, Sedecal Line Powered Generators, DIRA Detector

Dental Solutions

Toshiba Tubes, Hangzhou Wandong Tubes

RAD 2 pulse solutions

Claymount Cables, Toshiba Tubes, Toshiba Image Intensifiers, Hangzhou Wandong Tubes, ODI Grids

CT Scan and Radiation Protection

Corning Leadglass, Guard X Aprons / Leadsheet & Doors, Lead Goggles, Guard X Cassettes / Slim View Boxes

Company Overview

With its modest beginning as suppliers of X-Ray films since 2000 our Group is working on the policy to assure the quality and reliability of all the products that they sell. Working ardently since past 12 years in this direction has made Global Imaging a well known name amongst the small and big manufacturers in India. We are an ISO certified organization credited for providing high quality Imaging machines' spares and dental products. Our company holds the advantage of launching Leadglasses in 2001, Chinese tubes and Toshiba Image Intensifiers in 2005, Claymount Cables in 2006, Toshiba Intensifying Screens and AEC in 2007, ODI Grids and CCD detector in 2008, Toshiba Fixed DR Panels in 2009, H/F Generators in 2010, Smit Carbon Fibre Grids for CR and DR in 2011 and VDL Phantoms and Carbon Fibre Table tops for Cath Labs in 2012. Our sales research team is now working continuously towards expanding our horizons in India and abroad with Sensors and H/F Dental X-Ray. Our technical expertise and years of experience has helped us to carve a niche for ourselves in the market. The efforts have yielded results with our company as pioneers and leaders in Indian manufacturers segment. Performing at top since inception, the group has consistently doubled its sales and profits every two years. The pioneering management has spared no efforts in making the group as one of the few planned solution providers in the market.

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We are committed to fully understand the needs of customers and provide customized solutions. For every product / solution, we continually anticipate and fulfill our customers' changing needs. The long list of our clients includes Philips, GE, Allengers, Trivitron, Shimadzu, Cura, Prognosys and 125 other small and medium sized manufacturers/dealers in India. We have in the past assisted Siemens and GE in manufacturing new products by providing high quality solutions.

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Range of products

The group while understanding the requirement of a small manufacturer/dealers along with leading manufacturers like Philips, GE, Siemens, Allengers, Shimadzu Cura and Trivitron keep a wide range of radiological spares of reputed brands such as TOSHIBA, Claymount, Smit (Dunlee), Sedecal, CORNING, WANDONG AND VDL. We are the providers of most systematic plethora of branded products and supply all kind of Digital X-ray components like Tubes, Cables, AEC, Aluminum and Carbon Grids, Carbon Table tops, Image Intensifier, High Frequency Generators, CCD/ Flat Panel Detectors and Phantoms. We also provide Toshiba X-Ray Intensifying screens and cassettes along with fibre tanks and other dark room accessories.